Our products are based on BIOPOLYMERS.

We sell specially developed BIOmaterials (compounds) to produce our catering packaging as well as readymade products to order.

Wyroby wtryskowe

Your company for the environment.

BIOLYMER materials , products and packaging are practical and resilient , same as ordinary plastic products. They are ideal for food and drink storing and packaging. Can also be used to produce single use bags, containers and elastic foils

BIOLYMER  stands for multi-purpose materials used in the production of catering containers and cutlery, food packaging and drinks , elastic foils for food and transport , single use bags as well as elements for injection mould products.

Our products are BIOdegradable microplastic-free , fully recyclable. It is an ECOrevolution for packaging industry and a perfect alternative for single use plastics  – whose use is banned as of 3 July 2021 by EU directive


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